Internet of Things (IoT)


We are standing on the border of a new ubiquitous computing and communication era, one that will transform our life, community and business. Connecting billions of devices and sensor to computers and networks brings us to a new world - Internet of Things (IoT). Connecting IoT with people and Internet services enlarge this to Internet of Everything. A big change for personal lifestyle and business efficiency opportunities are coming. With Internet connected devices and sensors you can monitor their state, location and health. You can define rules and alerts for this to improve operational efficiency. You can collect and visualize data from devices following with pattern recognition and predictive analyses. Combining the IoT data with advance analytics creates a great business opportunity for new services and new commercial revenue streams.

ICB is one of the first Bulgarian companies entering into the IoT area of development. We have a dedicated IoT team currently working on a large IoT/Big Data project for Kongsberg Maritime (KM) - a leading company in the maritime industry. The main technical challenge that development addressed was collecting more than 40,000 measuring points per second from systems and sensors onboard, and distributing them in the right format to fleet management offices and/or suppliers support systems using a low bandwidth, high latency satellite communication.

Another IoT project currently under development is Green Monitor – Online Maintenance and Manufacturing support. The main purpose of Green Monitor is to help the enterprise to work more effectively while reducing the environmental impact. The system helps saving on the water and lubricants consumption in the production cycle, as well as on the power consumption.  The main goal of the system is “Correct parts produced first time” by provision of intelligent support services.