Cash Management Software

Safe Family


How is cash processing handled these days?

Nowadays many participants have their roles in the Cash cycle (banks, cash centers, CIT companies, national banks, points of sale). Although we are in the IT era many of those participants still need to automate their cash handling activities, to enable sending/receiving of structured and real-time information to/from their customers/subcontractors, and achieve efficiency based on software solutions.

How does ICB support the cash cycle?

Processing of large volumes of cash is complex, costly and time-consuming process which forces an increasing number of banks, cash centers, CIT companies and major retailers to implement solutions for automation and optimization of these specific activities.

In order to facilitate these processes ICB developed a family of unified solutions for every participant of the cash cycle called Safe Family. All solutions included in the family are completely integrated with each other, but each of them could also work as a standalone solution to cover the main cash-related activities at the respective company.

Cash processing, supply, distribution and cash optimization at branches and ATMs is easy to manage and control. Safe Family solutions enable cost savings, efficiency, flexibility and enhanced security.

ICB solutions for cash handling:

  • Solution for Cash Centers (Safe Cash) as External organization or part of a bank. Enables full control of all main processes related to cash processing - from receiving bay to the vault or dispatch bay. Resolves security issues, tracking issues, cash ownership transfer, etc. Full integration with cash counters/sorters for faster cash processing and automation of processes.
  • Solution for banks (Safe Bank) provides unified platform for cash supply chain management connecting all participants bank branches, main teller’s office, cash service center, ATM network and CIT companies. Automates and simplifies the cash supply chain while security is still at the highest level.
  • Solution for retailers (eCash) - web-based software system for retailer's cash management. Retailers can now use this solution as ebanking to deposit or withdraw cash and track their cash shipments and receive information at every stage of processing.

The systems are based on proven practices in the cash processing industry and incorporate cutting-edge Microsoft technologies. Safe Family solutions are multilingual and multi-currency systems that are suitable for both local and international financial service suppliers.

Key benefits:

  • Improve productivity through automation of processes
  • Provide easy exchange of information between participants
  • Cut costs
  • Eliminate errors and increases security
  • Extended monitoring and reporting capabilities for informed managers’ decisions
  • Easy to use interface