Cloud Application Development Services

Transition your business to the cloud in Microsoft Azure with ICB's assistance


Move your software applications to the cloud to achieve the next level of scalability and efficiency for your IT

ICB helps companies to create cloud-hosted applications or move their legacy software to the cloud, increasing their productivity by as much as 10+ times. As a result, our customers gain from simpler IT infrastructure, reduced operating costs and streamlined user experience (UX).

Gains from transitioning to the cloud

Simpler IT infrastructure. On-premises hardware is expensive to run and slow to scale. Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform, on the other hand, has no upfront costs, charges only for what you use, and scales on demand. The cloud enables you to quickly deploy infrastructures and services to meet all your business needs.

Reduced operating costs. Saving on hardware purchases and maintenance contracts alone could create a substantial difference for your IT operating costs. Your business will also benefit from Microsoft’s flexible pricing plans that enable you to save up to 63 percent on your compute costs if you have predictable workloads.

Improved user experience (UX). As more users rely on their portable computers and mobile devices for their day-to-day tasks, more businesses turn to the public cloud to make their applications accessible from anywhere and on any device. Combined with the cloud’s centralized software versioning, this creates a consistent, familiar and stable environment for your employees and customers.

Cloud Applications Development

Whether you are an enterprise looking to move its legacy software applications to the cloud or you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) who would like to transition their business model to Software-as-a-Service, ICB is the right partner to support your IT undertakings. Our Microsoft Azure team's cross-industry experience includes:

  • Private cloud applications running on-premises hardware
  • Public cloud applications in Microsoft Azure
  • Hybrid cloud applications

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Move your software applications to the cloud and achieve the next level of efficiency