INTERCONSULT BULGARIA (ICB, ) has been founded in 1996 with main business focus on software development and business consulting. Today more than 90% of the ICB turnover is generated from companies in the Nordic region, the UK, the USA, Germany and other countries.

During the years ICB has established itself as a leading provider of innovative software solutions in the fields of industrial engineering, maritime, banking and financial services and information technologies. ICB has more than 130 experienced professionals in staff today specialized in the areas of business process modeling, software architecture design, software development, quality assurance and 3D modeling and design.

Our Mission

ICB is the software technology partner for Your business.
Our mission is Your productivity.

ICB offers a wide range of professional services in the fields of:

  • Development of world-class products and services focused on customer’s core business
  • Technology lift and modernization of existing software systems and infrastructure
  • Business process modeling, optimization and automation

Our customers have chosen ICB because:

We have an Excellent technology expertise,

  • We offer a complete package of new technologies:
    Cloud, BigData, IoT, Mobile
  • We deliver modern software solutions with a wide range of software skills:
    Microsoft NET, C#, SharePoint, BizTalk, Azure, Windows 8; Mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows 8; OsiSoft Pi DB; 3D modeling; CAD systems
  • We cooperating with the global technology leaders:
    Microsoft, Software AG (ARIS) and OSISoft

and Proven methodology to complete projects with success,

  • Process-based approach in customer requirements definition
  • Flexibility in the models of partnership that fits best our customer environment
  • ICB Innovation-Technology Lab and R&D available on customer demand

combined with Effective business processes aiming at delivery

  • Knowledge preservation in the teams
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Good communication and collaboration practices

The result of our long term market operation could be seen in more than 350 successfully completed projects and

a number of awards:

  • Selected in the circle of Preferred partners to Kongsberg Maritime
  • One of the 10 showcased projects of the European 7th Framework Program with the CHEMXCHANGE project
  • Recognized as Innovation Hub for Bulgaria for 2013
  • Microsoft Partner of the year 2013 for Bulgaria award at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Atlanta, USA
  • European Seal of e-Excellence for Innovative products and services for 2012 and 2011 from the Cebit Hanover
  • Exhibition with Engi Tools - improved the engineering document creation by a factor of 30
  • European IT Excellence Award 2010, with the K-Tools project. In addition ICB  won the special award for CHANNEL COMPANY OF THE YEAR