Quality Engineering

Think for quality, built for quality

In ICB, we do not perform just testing on the software applications. We start our quality assurance process with validating the idea and verifying the approach to the solution. Our quality objective is to have a successful project within time and budget ensuring that each of our projects will have the same positive result.

To achieve this, we have developed an Integrated Quality Process system that builds in quality into our solutions from the very first lines of requirements definition and coding.  This system incorporates our belief in context-based agile methodologies strengthened by complete and transparent traceability.

Our Quality Engineers have experience with different types of tests against various technologies, defined below:

We develop special quality strategies taking into account the uniqueness of each project and its future life. The implementation of these strategies is decided on project level and might include complex testing on powerful test environments. The goal is to cover more with less thus optimizing the cost for testing and to make sure the product embodies all required quality characteristics.

The quality triangle based on Functionality - Performance - Security is strong and stable in every project and our Quality Engineers would not allow to compromise any of the tree pillars. Using numerous testing techniques we develop and execute tests on each applicable level in a way to maintain sustainable positive test results over time.

The main role of our Quality Engineers is to raise stakeholders' awareness about potential Project, Product and Process Risks and to figure out how to get rid of some of them. And they are brave and smart enough to do it.