Business Process Oriented Approach

For more than 10 years the ICB team is utilizing Business process modeling tools and techniques in order to achieve good communication with the customer and to reduce the project risk in software development. We use business process models in order to describe customer requirements in the most transparent and easy-to-read manner for both business and technical people. Once described in an understandable graphical manner the software requirements are ready to be transferred to the development team for implementation. Usually, the development is done utilizing agile methodology but other models of collaboration could also be applied.


What we do is to start with our BPM Consultant, who together with the customer describes customer requirements in a format of a business processes using a business process modeling tool called ARIS. Once collected, described in ARIS and agreed with the customer the requirements and the user stories are transferred to the Product backlog. ICB team leader together with the customer sets priorities on the user stories and makes the Sprint planning.

Using business process models in the requirement definition phase brings a number of benefits for the customer including:

  • Transparent communication between business and technical people
  • Clear understanding of requirements and early diagnostics of gaps or mismatches in understanding
  • Protection of the customer investment based on well-documented and detailed assignment
  • Good quality of the project documentation
  • Visibility and predictability on the project status and development