Machine Industry


ICB is developing an entirely new and innovative line of products for the machine industry that are aiming at improved maintenance and control over the production cycle. This is related to providing condition-based maintenance software and services for the machines operation together with the Norwegian company Kongsberg Terotech. The ICB software solutions combine extensive domain knowledge in machine maintenance and support with innovative technology approach for developing software. The software utilizes proven Microsoft technology to enable Big data extraction form the machine sensors and controllers and to deliver good data and information presentation to the necessary person and place where business critical decisions are taken. 

The software product line is called Green Monitor – Online Maintenance and Manufacturing support. The main concept of Green Monitor is to provide real-time monitoring of the condition of the machines in production and to enable critical decision to be taken based on this information. In addition the system is providing extensive predictive and preventive alarms and analyses on the data ensuring necessary support actions to be taken in advance. The software is operating via web which allows the machine to be monitored either at the production site or remotely from a support center. In addition the application is running on mobile devices which gives the ability for 24/7 monitoring of the machine from the support engineer even during nights and weekends.

The main purpose of Green Monitor is to help the enterprise work more effectively while reducing the environmental impact. The system helps saving on the water and lubricants consumption in the production cycle, as well as on the power consumption.  The main goal of the system is “Correct parts produced first time” by provision of intelligent support services.
More about the product is available at the site