Solutions for Engineering Companies


Following rapid development of technologies and globalization trends, engineering companies produce an ever increasing number of complex products composed of numerous standard elements assembled in a particular way. Another big challenge is the time consuming process of product, sales, and technical documentation generation in particular sectors;

In order to follow the fast technological development without losing their competitive advantage, engineering companies should consider software solutions that can help automate the information and documentation generation process. We in ICB have the know-how and experience to offer unique solutions using an end-to-end approach to solve customers' problems. What can we offer?

Product data management solution

The ultimate tool for generation of manufacturing documentation that supports the whole product and sales cycle increasing productivity in engineering companies more than 30 times and saving millions per year in large organizations.

Application integration solutions

The combination of ICB's experience, know-how and cutting edge technologies is the perfect formula for efficient integration between the existing software systems in your organization. This helps derive the most out of your information systems, and adds a competitive edge to your company. Find out more...