Solutions for Banking and Financial Services


For more than 16 years now ICB has been delivering integrated information management systems for the banking and financial industry. ICB has completed several projects in Bulgaria and Norway. Some of our achievements are:

More than 60% of the cash transactions in Norway are processed by solutions developed by ICB. Since 1998 ICB together with the Scandinavian company Gunnebo has been developing a system for cash management called Easy Safe which currently operates in the Norwegian cash service company NOKAS.

Ever since 2009, ICB has been developing and supporting a professional solution for cash processing in the Cash Service Company of Bulgaria - DKU. The tender announced by the Bulgarian National Bank and won by ICB in front of European giants in the sector was later awarded with the Corporate IT Project of the year 2009 by Computerworld magazine.

The largest commercial banks in Bulgaria have already implemented cash supply chain management solutions, developed by ICB.

Our portfolio of solutions and services for the financial sector include:

Cash processing software solutions

For the needs of the bulk cash handling and processing within the banking sector ICB has designed and developed a special set of software solutions called Safe Family. SAFE Family improves the performance in the cash handling processes with real-time information traceability, high level of security and excellent operational efficiency. Find out more...

VeriTouch - CRM for Banks

VeriTouch is a solution developed by Veripark  that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform and delivers additional value for the financial institutions. It provides customer interaction history, 360 degree customer view, activity management, complaint management, campaign management, call center automation, customer centric branch screens and you can manage all activities related with your customers from all channels (internet, kiosk, mobile, branch, ect.).

360 Degree Customer View
VeriTouch provides a 360 degree customer profiles that allows agents and relationship managers to capture client information at every contact point, helping them build strategic customer knowledge and insight over time.
With 360 degree customer view; all customer demographics, assets, liabilities, product usage, open cases and complaints are collected on a single page.  With customer interaction history module, all customer interaction history such as internet banking usage, branch visits, e-mail sent and received, and SMS messages is replicated to MS CRM. Find out more..